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Announcing: Affordable Housing Month & EBHO's Study Room

This past year has been a consistent lesson in adapting to meet the moment. We are shifting how we do two of our core yearly education and community-building projects - Affordable Housing Week and the Affordable Housing Guidebook - to meet the communications needs of this digital and pandemic era.

Affordable Housing Week is now Affordable Housing Month

Traditionally, Affordable Housing Week is an action-packed week of events. Along with our members, we would host multiple in-person events each day, kicked-off by a big party. Our East Bay Affordable Housing Week was part of a broader Affordable Housing Month, with counties around the region hosting similar Affordable Housing Weeks to raise awareness about affordable housing and bring people together in action. This year, we'll be gathering online again. We will spread our programming across the month to educate our community about issues central to affordable housing and housing justice. EBHO will curate a handful of educational programs for the month; our programming will focus on key areas of our work for the year, including sharing information on how people can secure community-subsidized affordable housing, ending homelessness, needs of low-income people during and after the pandemic, and racial justice.

We'll embrace members' cross-regional work, co-hosting some events with affordable housing advocacy organizations in other Bay Area counties that are hosting their own Affordable Housing Week or Month. Submit Your Ideas for Affordable Housing Month Events. Active EBHO Members are encouraged to submit event programming to be listed on our Affordable Housing Month events calendar. If you're interested in hosting an online or asynchronous event for Affordable Housing Month, email with your idea and proposed date. We anticipate that organizations who work in multiple counties will likely submit streamlined or region-wide proposals- we welcome this!

 May 13th: Save the Date for our Affordable Housing Month Kickoff  

Grounded in our great strength of connection, we'll host our Affordable Housing Month Kickoff celebration - online with music - on Thursday, May 13th. Look out for more information and invitations to RSVP soon!


Karen Smulevitz, honored at last month's Affordable Housing Month Kickoff

Karen Smulevitz, honored at the 2020 Affordable Housing Week Kickoff. 

Sponsor EBHO's Affordable Housing Month Kickoff

We invite sponsorship of our Affordable Housing Month Kickoff event and Affordable Housing Month Programming. Click below to read the full list of sponsorship opportunities that are available. Please contact with questions about sponsorship. If you'd like to print and mail your sponsorship, download the form here.


Introducing EBHO's Study Room

Knowledge is a key part of building power to enact the changes we need to ensure quality, affordable homes for all people. In 2021, EBHO is pivoting our main educational tool from our Affordable Housing Guidebook into a virtual Study Room- a digital place to take a deep dive into learning about how our current conditions of housing inequity came to be and what we can do to build the world we need. 

The study room will have one main page with portals to six topical sub-pages that will contain articles, podcasts, and informational videos to better understand the housing challenges our communities face and how we can repair them.

If you are a member that has a new or rehabilitated affordable housing community you'd like to feature, one section of the study room will feature new and rehabbed affordable housing communities. Email and let her know you're interested, and she will share the information required to make a submission.

We invite sponsorship of the study room for 2021 in the form of a logo or advertisement placement and tagging on social media. Please, see the description of sponsorship/advertisement levels below.

Image of a tent with the words Affordable Homes End Homelessness in white text over it.

A preview of one of the learning portals in the new Study Room. The image in the background shows a tent at the Housing & Dignity Village & encampment defense in 2018. 

Sponsor the Study Room 

The study room will have one main page with portals to and six topical sub-pages that will contain articles, podcasts, and informational videos to better understand the problems our communities face and how we can repair them. Last year’s Digital Affordable Housing Guidebook has had more than 1,400 views; we anticipate the Study Room will have many more views than our past guidebooks because of the more robust, evergreen educational content the Study Room will provide. Please contact with questions about sponsorship. 

We look forward to connecting with you and building power during May's Affordable Housing Month! 

With Purpose,

Grover, Communications Manager, East Bay Housing Organizations


Thank you to the Sponsors of EBHO's Affordable Housing Month Kickoff 2021!





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